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 This Sunday our sermon series "Grounded: The Basics" focuses on "I Believe in the Church." So, what is the church and is it important? Can't I just be a Christian on my own without having to be a part of some organized church? In our message this week we will......Read More.

For the past several months, Covenant and CC Hancock United Methodist Churches have seemingly been in a holding pattern. As pastor, I sometimes become impatient and desperately want things to move forward in a hurry. I’m tired of waiting, and yet when God’s plans unfold before my eyes I see......Read More.

In 2003, while I was Senior Pastor at First Church in Media, I was dragged kicking and screaming on an international mission trip to Honduras. It was such a life changing experience that I have been going to Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica yearly since then! I travel with Discovery Service......Read More.

Earlier in the summer, I asked for input into the idea of changing the worship time at Covenant to have a single service in the summer, rather than continuing our two worship times. The results were interesting. Most people did not express any opinion. However, the opinions of those expressing......Read More.

If you just landed on planet Earth from some distant galaxy you might think we are celebrating a New Year. September is a month of new beginnings in so many ways. All around us schools are reopening after a summer break. Students, from college age to nursery school, are starting......Read More.

Sometimes good words and thoughts become laden with excess baggage. We lose sight of the original meaning of powerful words. This Sunday we will deal with just such a phrase uttered by Jesus when he said, "You must be born again." What did he mean? Did he have in mind......Read More.