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I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I tend to look at things differently at times. I find humor in things that probably shouldn't and notice things that most people tend not to see. One of those things is the Doxology. In the doxology that......Read More.

The big dream that God has for us is just that, BIG. It can't be done on our own without the help of God or other people, and we certainly can't accomplish it overnight. Moses' dream of saving God's people took 40 years to perform, and even then, he didn't......Read More.

During "Reel Life" last weekend we watched Justice League. When we talked about what the themes were in the movie the youth teased out the theme of Hope, which is good since it is present from one of the first sentences of the film to the last. The hope the......Read More.

Christ's love was demonstrated in full on the cross, and God's power to overcome even death was shown through the empty tomb. On the heels of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we are each left with the question of how we will respond to Christ's actions to redeem and save......Read More.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of what the church calls Holy Week. We remember and in some ways experience the events leading to Jesus' death on a cross and, ultimately, his resurrection, starting with his seemingly triumphal entry into the Holy City of Jerusalem. Jesus......Read More.