Leave it to Jesus to ...

Leave it to Jesus to ...

Author: Mark Terry
Published: October 3, 2019

Leave it to Jesus--when asked what is the greatest commandment--he responds with two answers. Just when we might think that Jesus is going to make things simple for us, he gives a two-dimensional answer to a one-dimensional question.

But, even two commandments are simpler to follow than a hundred laws, or even ten commandments, right? I guess that depends on whether we want to be thoughtful followers of God, or not. If we don't like thinking, then the more rules, the better: you don't ever have to consider your actions, just follow the rules.

But, God wants us to be a people with the law written on our hearts, to be a people that does the hard work of being thoughtful followers. And for that, we need fewer rules and more reflection.

How do we keep ourselves grounded in what keeps us close to the Kingdom of God? We will reflect on Sunday.

Pastor Mark