Extending the Family

Extending the Family

Author: Mark Terry
Published: October 10, 2019

Following Moses' death at the end of Deuteronomy, the books of Joshua and Judges contain a lot of stories of the Israelites and the problems they have with both being faithful to God and getting along with the people around them. If only all these non-Israelites would let them be, they could be more faithful to God!

And then we get the story of Ruth. The culmination of the story of Ruth is the birth of her son Obed, who will be the grandfather of David. David will do more to rekindle the Israelites' love for God than anyone since Joshua. And did I mention that Ruth was not an Israelite?

The questions of who are insiders and who are outsiders, and how we remain "pure" in our faith are never simply answered (and they won't be answered simply Sunday, either!), but are dilemmas we can expect to continue to wrestle with as we grow in our faith. I hope you can join us Sunday to grapple. (And we will be welcoming a new member at the 8:15 service!)

Pastor Mark