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October Adult Education: Faith in a Time of Uncertainty

September 26, 2017

Certainly we live in an uncertain time – civil, political and global unrest, economic uncertainty, natural disasters, technological and cultural change, and perhaps, personal transitions. We often forget that other times and people throughout history have seen great uncertainty. Israel was born in a time of uncertainty, but found its grounding in the God of Abraham. The Protestant Reformation was a time of great religious, political and cultural upheaval, but the reformers sought out the scriptures. With the theme of Faith in a Time of Uncertainty, the Adult Education Short Course will focus this fall on these two times in world history that have an enduring impact on how we view our faith both corporately and personally.

Continuing through October 15, Roy Stahlman will share his travels to the Holy Land, and through photos, personal stories and scripture, we'll learn about how the Jewish People found Faith: Grounded in the God of Abraham. Beginning on October 22, we'll switch to a study of Martin Luther and the Reformation with a discussion of Faith: Grounded in the Scriptures. Ted Gail will facilitate this study of the political and religious climate that led to Luther's background, the political and religious climate that led to his 95 Theses, Luther's view of the scriptures and his influence on those who followed, including John Wesley.

We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 in Room 2-3 for a time of learning, faith sharing and encouragement to face our uncertain times.

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