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A Message from Pastor Kevin

December 27, 2016

In our kitchen, we have a large calendar hanging on the wall, and it sits in a wooden frame, and it was given to us by my grandmother’s sister. This calendar is significant because she buys the wooden frames for a family when they move into their home or right after they get married. Then, each year, at the family Christmas Party, she brings enough calendars for everyone who has received that wooden frame. She doesn’t wrap them, but that is the fun part of this tradition. We all jockey into place trying to get the stack of calendars as early as possible to pick the one we want. When I get the stack, I usually study the pictures on the back of the calendar to see what images the next year might bring.

After the Christmas party, we take the calendar home; we open it, and we transfer over birthdates and anniversaries. We pencil in events that we know we will go to and vacations we plan. These calendars that were once empty and full of infinite possibility are slowly penciled in, marking the passage of time. Before the year begins, we have filled in a good number of those squares. Still, each new day, whether something is penciled in or not, requires a choice. A choice of whether to live for God’s glory or live for something else. Each event or occasion must be chosen to either further God’s kingdom or serve our purposes. Will we attend our children’s or neighbors’ recital or will we fill our time with something else? Are the things we are doing adding to the character and faith of our families and children, or are they time fillers. Or, do we let too many moments pass by without even thinking about them? The blank calendar begins with infinite possibilities, but by the end of the year, we wonder where the time went.

I pray, that as you flip the calendar into the New Year, you will answer these questions for yourself and not let time simply pass by and let God set the Agenda for each new day.

Best Wishes,
Pastor Kevin

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