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A Message from Pastor Kevin

September 27, 2016

If you were at either of our worship services on September 18, you noticed a new card in your bulletin. The card has two primary purposes. The first goal is to better ensure that first and second-time guests let us know they were here and give us contact information to follow up. Churches that use connection cards see an increase in guest information and repeat attendance when linked with a strong guest follow-up strategy. We want guests to know who we are, what we believe, how we live it out, and how to get connected. This is impossible to share in one Sunday service, but when we have their contact information we can begin sharing Covenant’s story. We ask that everyone present in worship – including members – fill out a Connection Card. When guests look around and see others filling out the card, they are more likely to do so as well. Members and regular attenders do not need to provide phone, email, and mailing address information each week, unless there is a change that the church office needs to note.

The second goal of the card is to help ensure that we provide timely care when people miss a few weeks. It gets harder and harder to remember every individual who was here on a Sunday or if they were absent. We pray that God builds up His kingdom at Covenant and we want to be sure that there are systems in place to keep people from getting lost in the growth.

One consideration raised about the cards is the environmental impact they will have. With this in mind, we designed the card to also include a place for your prayer requests on the back. It's also why we set up a digital connection card which is available by texting Connect to 484-843-1402. When you do that, you receive a link on your phone to the digital version of the card. In addition, any cards that are not used are collected and reused in later weeks.

We hope you will take the time each Sunday to fill out the Connection Card, even if it's just your name and the names of the people with you and a primary contact number or email, and hand it in each Sunday.

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