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Family Matters - Why do you do what you do?

February 25, 2016

Whoever has their “why” can handle any “what.” It is one of my favorite quotes. So many people have said it to me over the years I cannot give credit to one person alone.

I love counseling. I am honored being on the journey with people and their story. I am captivated by their resilience. I am humbled by their courage. I know my why: To help to create a space for people to make authentic, healthy change. During this time of Lent and preparing the way for Easter what are you doing to find your why?

We hold a paradox during this time and then all time after: to see how we serve other humans and serve ourselves as well and why?

Are you kind no matter what “mess” is thrown at you? Do you have a job or a vocation? Is your priority job your marriage or is it the one that you get money for? Do you love your children, but sometimes they are very hard to deal with? Do you love your family, but sometimes they get on your nerves? Do you live to eat or eat to live? Do you laugh at yourself or make fun of others? Do you transform pain or transmit it?

These are some of the genuine questions that come up in conversations I have with people and for myself. Counseling is taking a very real look at yourself. It is not easy or weak or “fun” all the time, but, it is daring. A dare to fully understand oneself and why the Creator put us here. The lives I witness every day in my office are no harder or easier than yours, but they are sharing their life, strengthens and vulnerabilities. I often find it is in the vulnerabilities that the true self will expose itself. Being vulnerable helps us to become wise, kind and gentle people. That is the why - allowing the first original blessing to win out over original sin. God saw what God created and said – it is good.

You are a powerful human being. Live like one: share your blessings and transform your pain. Good luck and Happy Easter.

Michael D’Angelo,
The Center for Pastoral Counseling

“Family Matters” is a community service presented by The Center for Pastoral Counseling.
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