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A Truly Inspirational Worship Service with Special Guest Composer Craig Courtney

June 4, 2015

Here's the question: how can we adequately describe what occurred during the worship service last Sunday with our guest composer, Craig Courtney? And the answer is: it's not possible.

Members of the choir have been struggling for months to manage their emotions while learning the Courtney anthems. As one of our basses observed, "rehearsals have been more like worship than practice sessions."

And then on Saturday Craig Courtney arrived. His rehearsal with the choir was focused on the meaning of the text, and how to convey the meaning more vividly through certain phrasing and other musical techniques. Now the choir knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling, and could sense that he had been inspired by God. It was obvious that his compositions reflect his deep personal faith.

On Sunday, before the choir left the music room to enter the Sanctuary, Craig told the choir that the effect of their singing would be out of their control--it was now up to the Holy Spirit.

The result: it's unlikely that the choir has ever sounded better. Comments afterward were extremely favorable, including: "the service was inspirational in not only a musical manner, but also in a spiritual manner" and "Words cannot describe the beauty of the service.  Obviously Craig Courtney's talent is remarkable, but the choir and musicians were magnificent; and, Sarah, your talent and dedication made it possible."

If you were there on Sunday, we hope you also felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during that service.


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