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Nepal Newsletter

April 15, 2005
Patan Hospital
Mark and Deirdre Zimmerman
United Mission to Nepal
P.O. Box 126
Kathmandu, Nepal

15 April 2005


Covenant United Methodist Church
Springfield, PA



Regarding:  Belated Thank You for the Ramp


Dear Covenant Friends,

Greetings from the hills of Nepal!  I hope this finds all of you well.  I’ve been meaning for sometime (months!) to get a ‘thank you’ off to all of you, but one “urgent” thing has led to another.

One sunny morning in November, the Chief District Officer of Lalitpur inaugurated our new ramp.  As you can see from the attached photos it was a fine day, and more importantly it’s a great ramp.  It really helps us and our patients – there are no longer stretchers being carried up and down the stairs.  We want to thank all of you for this very generous gift to Nepal.

I must tell you that in February this year, as I thought back on where we were a year before, I had the fondest remembrance of all of you.  Bringing Deirdre and Zachary north for our winter tour of churches, I was uncertain about what lodging we would find.  The hospitality of all of you was truly one of the loveliest gifts I’ve ever received.  In fact, it’s hard to think of any thing that tops it.

We are well, now with Benjamin in tow.  What about your visit to Kathmandu?

Much love,

Mark D. Zimmerman,  MD
Medical Director

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