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Nepal Newsletter

April 15, 2012

Dear NSI Praying Friends,

NSI is now entering its 7th year, sustained by the Lord's grace and the prayers of many.  I come to you again with an issue for special prayer.

We conduct a program called Rural Staff Support Program, whereby we try to revitalize struggling government district hospitals by adding a number of supports. These include training, communication, management committee support, some equipment and especially adding two Family Practice (GP) doctors to the hospital team.  This is a different model from mission hospitals, which run their own show; we try to affect change while leaving the hospital in government hands. In some cases, the effect has been very positive, but no place is easy.

The prayer point: please pray for our GP doctors and the NSI staff who coordinate them. There are now 10 GPs in the field, most in difficult postings. Our team that manages these doctors finds it a real challenge to keep these doctors moving in the positive direction. Please pray that this program would progress beyond its early growing pains and make a continuous difference to folks living in rural communities.

Thanks for walking with us.

Yours in the Lord,

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