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Family Matters - Guidance from The Center for Pastoral Counseling

Do you ever pay attention to the eternal dialogue going on inside your mind? Even the simplest of thoughts; “I need to do this”. “I need to do that.”

The truth is that the brain and, therefore, our thoughts or cognitions are not good arbiters of reality! We process some 20 billion bits of information per second and, yet, the conscious brain only attends to about 20-40 of them.

posted December 27, 2016
Somehow, I have managed to start out late for work. I had forgotten about that snow alert. A sheet of hardened ice covers my car like a white tablecloth. Muttering something under my breath, I turn on the defrosters and slip into the driver’s side.

If it takes a family and a village (or church) to raise a child, then it, also, takes “core values” to build the primary relationship in the family into a truly spiritual connection.

Whoever has their “why” can handle any “what.” It is one of my favorite quotes. So many people have said it to me over the years I cannot give credit to one person alone.

posted January 26, 2016
This being the first Christmas since my father’s death, I wanted to start a new family tradition, trying to embrace our “new normal!” I invited my whole family to go ice-skating at the River Rink at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.

The memory is as vivid as yesterday: I hear the sound of a child’s feet pounding down the hall. My five-year old son dashes through my door, railing against the cruel hand of fate which has dealt him some grievous blow.

A familiar theme for some is the deep belief that they are not enough. These false beliefs prevent you from being the true self that God calls you to be.

posted April 28, 2015
Is there such a thing as a “Spiritual Brain”? According to several prominent neuroscientists, the answer is a definitive, YES!