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ASP 2013 Reflection - Sam O'Hara

July 10, 2013

This was my first year going to ASP.  I didn’t know what to expect much like the other rookies.  My sister Kelly has gone to ASP for five years, although this year she couldn’t go due to college.  She use to tell me about all her families she met and all the houses she built over the years.  Especially the family she had last year that had four children and lived in an old chicken coup.   She still keeps in contact with them because they all mean so much to her.   I kind of got the idea of ASP, but not all of it.

When I experienced ASP, my thought of it changed drastically.  From my group to the family that we helped, it was just a fantastic experience.  I want to thank Nick, Mary Kate, Laura, and Papa Joe for being such a great crew to work with.  Mary Kate and Laura did a great job tiling the floor the one day.  It took them all day to get it done and took much determination.  Papa Joe entertained us with funny stories, one of which was how his wife gave him a strange look at the jeans he was wearing before he left, and said “It looks your going through your midlife crisis.” And Nick helped with the heavy lifting and power saws action.

Our family was a woman named Glenna.  She had a boyfriend but he broke his leg while working so he was at the hospital.  She also had a son but he was convicted when he was 18-years-old.  She told us he wasn’t being released until next April when he will be 22.  Glenna was a kind, sweet, and very grateful woman.  She told us so much about her siblings, her son, and her boyfriend.  She also had a dog named Taco and four cats as well as four kittens.  They unfortunately had to live most of their lives outside because when they came inside before, they carried so much fleas inside the house Glenna had to flea bomb her house three times.  The kittens had live under a small blue car because they couldn’t live inside.

She lived in a trailer with leaky roof that caused bad flooring.  The group before us finished the bathroom, so our goal was to complete the hallway floor, which we did, start on the living room floor, and fix the roof’s gutter, which we partially completed.  Then one day Glenna was having guests over so we had to leave early.  Mary Kate and Laura were tiling the floor while Papa Joe, Nick, and I were starting to rip the carpet out of the living room floor.  The day went by and as we started to leave Mary Kate and Laura really wanted to finish the floor, so they did and Glenna was extremely happy.  After we left and came back the next day, we came to a surprise.  While Glenna was waiting for her guests, she decided to rip out the rest of the carpet out of the living room floor all by herself.  It surprised us all, because this woman was so grateful for us being there, that she did a job that we were supposed to do.  It helped us a lot to get our work done.

So on Friday we decided to get her a gift.  We took a picture of all of us and put it in a frame and also a candle.  She was very grateful for everything we did and we were sad to say goodbye.

It reminds me of our theme “Radical Reversal - that what makes us great is to serve others, not to be served.”  How I came in not knowing what to do and in the end, feel like I learned a lot.  I had a great experience on ASP and it will always be a trip I will never forget.  I also want to thank Mike and Jake for coming on the trip.  Especially Mike because I didn’t really expect him to come.  This wasn’t really his sort of thing to do, but I’m glad he did, and hopefully he will join us again for next year’s ASP trip.

~ Sam O'Hara

Previous Callers

December 1, 2017

There are two ways of looking at the Christmas season: as the great winter holiday season that has the potential for stimulating the retail economy, or as the season centered on a Holy Day celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. These two ways of considering the season are vastly different. How do you celebrate the season?

Covenant Church is offering a number of opportunities to help you to focus on the Holy Day aspects of the Christmas season. We begin the season by offering a new study led by Pastor Kevin called “A Different Kind of Christmas,” based on the book by Mike Slaughter.

November 1, 2017

For the month of November our Sunday messages will revolve around the idea of our “legacy.” As we begin this sermon series, I thought it might be helpful to understand what we mean by the word. From Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary we read the following: “Legacy, noun: 1. A gift by will esp. of money or other personal property: BEQUEST 2. Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.” It is this second definition we will be focusing on during the month.

When I think of my own life, I realize how blessed I am by the legacy left to me by those who have gone before.

October 1, 2017

For some time now, we have been engaging in a process of discernment about a building project at Covenant. You may be wondering what the process is, when we will know the final plans, and how soon the project will begin. The process has been and will continue to be deliberate. It began with prayerful discernment of God’s will for the future of Covenant Church. It was during this time of discernment that we made some changes to our Statement of Purpose (see below) and began using the tag line “Changing Lives with Jesus.”

Next, we began to look at how our buildings impact ministry. The Board of Trustees saw a need for changes and updates. After working with architect Jack Althouse, they recommended the creation of a Building Committee (BC) which picked up where the Trustees left off.

September 1, 2017

You may or may not have noticed, but I am not the most athletic guy around. I’ve never been particularly good at sports, though I do enjoy watching some, playing others, and listening to baseball on the radio. Sports can offer all kinds of benefits: they help kids become physically stronger, develop muscle and hand-eye coordination, acquire a sense of fair play, and maybe most of all, experience the importance of teamwork.

Teamwork: think of the people that were, despite their fame, just one side of a great team. Would pitcher Steve Carlton had as many strikeouts without his catcher Tim McCarver? Would comedian Johnny Carson have been as successful without straight man Ed McMahon? Could Moses have confronted Pharaoh without his spokesman Aaron? Probably not, yet the general public gives just about all the credit for success to a single individual.